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Our responsibility toward humanity and society

The ambition of Hörby Bruk is to create an optimum workplace and to contribute to a positive and sustainable community development together with our stakeholders. We are working to ensure a prosperous future for our enterprise, our employees and the community we are part of.


At Hörby Bruk we feel confident thank to our strong beliefs and core values. Everybody is welcome here and we defend the equal rights and values of all human beings.

Hörby Bruk also plays an important role as an employer. We are equally responsible in building a secure and prosperous organisation where the health, safety and working spirit of employees are prioritised. This is a fundamental right of all employees. We know we stand stronger together, and we are proud of our teamwork and workplace.


Hörby Bruk management has prepared a number of policy guidelines on how to create a healthy and safe workplace and promote a culture of openness, consideration and respect. These policies serve as guiding stars in our daily work and include e.g., our Code of ConductEqual opportunities employment policyOccupational health and safety policy and Privacy policy.


Hörby Bruk is an important player in the local community, and we remain very active in our relationships with the world around us. We contribute to a sustainable and inclusive society by, among others, cooperating with schools and educational facilities, a commitment we don’t take for granted. Every year we welcome schoolchildren, youth and students to provide them with insights into our business model and pass on our know-how of the manufacturing industry. As pride ambassadors of Hörby Bruk, we want to plant the seeds of craftmanship, sustainability and quality products.


Hörby Bruk is passionate about the spirit of entrepreneurship. Through successful business activities, we are laying the foundations for prosperity and welfare. Hörby Bruk is an active communitive partner of NyföretagarCentrum Öresund, the business advisory council of the Öresund region. Here, anyone planning to starting a business enterprise can receive free advice.

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