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Sustainable craftsmanship

Today, Hörby Bruk has grown into a modern industrial enterprise. We fuse a century worth of artisanal know-how and genuine craftmanship with state-of-the-art automation and modern production processes. We are proud of being able to affix the “Made in Sweden” label on our products.

We have been entrusted with an important legacy to safeguard and continue to build on Sweden’s industrial past where craft traditions take the upper hand. We demonstrate this passion by excelling at our work as we handle the various materials, mould and press them before final assembly. Thorough craftmanship at its best passed on across the generations and to our valued staff. Hence the answer to why our products are designed from long-lasting materials, why they are sustainable and why parts can be easily replaced or repaired. For this very reason, our products at times are also somewhat more expensive, but they also simply last longer.

At Hörby Bruk, we design our products to ensure their long life span – ideally an entire lifetime, and better still, for the lifetimes of future generations. 

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