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Sustainable materials

We are in constant search of alternative materials that can reduce our environmental impact, conserve natural resources and limit the use of substances that adversely affect the environment and human health. Our products comply with environmental legislation and conform to the EU’s Reach regulation.

In 2019, the production facility and powder painting unit underwent an upgrade to halve the wastage of colour powder varnish.

We have also converted puncture resistant wheels in our products. These wheels are manufactured in England. We have also been working to reduce the PAH oil content in our pneumatic rubber wheels over several years.
Additionally, we have moved the production unit of the 2-kid swing plastic seats from China to Gnosjö, Sweden, which has resulted in fewer claims and reduced carbon emissions. And we are now looking into sourcing even more of our components from Sweden to better manage the full production chain.

Our wooden swings are FSC-marked, originating from the northernmost parts of Sweden. Our beech-wood handles are PEFC-marked and sourced from the south of Poland.

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