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For more than ten years, Hörby Bruk has been an active collaborator with Teknikcollege. Teknikcollege is the biggest interactive platform in Sweden for supplying skilled labour to Swedish industry. The aim is to promote industrial growth through skilled labour as a result of quality-assured educational programs.

Every semester, APL students from the Technology program at Carl Engström secondary school in Eslöv complete their apprenticeships with us. We have also welcomed visiting students from the Industrial Engineering program at the Jacobs school in Hässleholm. By actively offering practical job experience, we promote the understanding of current challenges and the potential in industry overall. This way, we also establish direct contact with the employees of the future, albeit in the present.

There are more than 3,000 interactive community companies in Sweden. In 2021, Hörby Bruk became the proud winner of the Teknikcollege’s prize as the best interactive community company in Sweden.

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