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This site uses cookies. According to the Electronic Communications Act, which came into force on 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website with cookies should be informed that the website contains cookies, what these cookies are used for and how cookies can be avoided. A cookie is a small data file that websites store on your computer so they can recognize your computer the next time you visit the site. Cookies are used on many websites to give visitors access to various functions. The information in the cookie can be used to monitor a user's surfing. A cookie is passive and can not spread computer viruses or other malicious software.

Cookies are used as tools including in order to:
- Store settings for how a website to display (resolution, language etc.)
- Turn on the encryption of Internet transmission of sensitive information
- Allow observation of how users understand the site and thus evidence for how the website in general can be developed
- Disconnect the user's exposure to advertising on websites to its transactions in e-commerce as a basis for calculating the remuneration to the site and ad networks
- Gather information about users' behavior to adjust and limit the content and advertising on the sites visited to these behaviors.

This website uses cookies to measure traffic and using web service "Google Analytics" to use cookies collect visitor statistics on the site in. This information is then used in order to improve site content and user experience. The site also uses temporary cookies that are stored as long as the browser session is active. These are required for the site to work correctly.

Cookies and other technologies that store or retrieve data from the user's computer can only be used with the user's consent. Consent can be given in different ways, for example through the browser and browse the site. Do not you want to accept cookies, you can in your browser settings configure which cookies should be allowed, blocked or deleted. Learn more about how this is done in the browser's help section and for more information see
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