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Sustainable Products

Today, Hörby Bruk is a modern Swedish industrial company. We blend a century-old and genuine craftsmanship with automation and modern production processes. We take pride in putting "Made in Sweden" on our products.

We uphold a significant legacy of Swedish industrial history, where craftsmanship is ingrained. We have the feeling and expertise when handling various materials, shaping, pressing, and assembling. A solid craftsmanship passed down between generations among employees. Therefore, our products are designed with materials that last long, are durable, and where parts can be replaced or repaired. That''''''''s why our products are sometimes a bit more expensive, but they last longer.

At Hörby Bruk, we design our products to last as long as possible - a whole lifetime or, ideally, even longer. 

Circular Products

Our products are circular and sustainable. Circular products are smart and environmentally friendly choices that not only meet your needs today but also take responsibility for tomorrow''s world. By prioritizing recycling, reuse, and minimal environmental impact in design, manufacturing, and use, you contribute to a better and more sustainable future by choosing our products. Choose circular products and be part of the solution for a more sustainable planet.

Learn more about how to do this through Care, Repair, Share, and Recycle!

Spare Parts for Extended Durability

One step in sustainable products is the ability to repair and update as needed. That''s why we''ve chosen to offer a wide range of spare parts that fit our products. They are easily accessible through our spare parts shop(only swedish).

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