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Sack trolleys

You can use a warehouse trolley in various applications as it''s a flexible and versatile cart. The range of use is broad, and it is utilized by both professionals and individuals in construction, industrial settings, gardens, offices, warehouses, and more.

Carts designed for heavy loads
Warehouse trolleys are constructed to handle heavy loads. They have a high load capacity and are designed to transport different types of goods, such as boxes, pallets, or bulk items. The load capacity varies depending on the model and manufacturer, and it''s important to choose a cart suitable for the specific load.

Work ergonomically with the right type of cart
Warehouse trolleys are often designed with an emphasis on ergonomics to reduce the strain on the user. They may have features such as ergonomically designed handles or grips to reduce effort during pushing and pulling of the cart. These features help improve workplace safety and reduce the risk of work-related injuries.

By using a warehouse trolley, you can quickly and smoothly transport heavy or bulky items without the need for manual lifting. This saves time and reduces the strain on the staff, factors that are highly important from a workplace safety perspective in many companies.

Used by both individuals and in businesses
You can benefit from a warehouse trolley both at home and at work. By using a warehouse trolley, you can streamline the handling process of items you need to move and increase productivity. Instead of spending time and energy carrying and moving things by hand, you can quickly transport them with the help of a cart. This frees up time and resources that can be used for other tasks. Some of our carts, such as the L3 and the garden cart, are more suited for use in your garden. The L3 has a curved back to easily carry pots without them falling off. The garden cart has multiple functions, serving as a warehouse trolley, a garbage cart, and you can use just the blade. The garbage cart comes with a larger garbage bag and is easy to roll around in the garden when you need to clean and tidy up. It''s also a convenient option in industries or on the farm when you want to easily collect waste and debris.

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