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Children have outgrown the swing, we´ve had children, we´ve bought a new house, we´re selling our house, I´m too old to work in the garden.

There are many reasons why one might need to sell or acquire products. Using second-hand products is an environmentally friendly and economically advantageous choice.

Here are some sharing services available in the market. If you are part of a association or a neighborhood, you can collectively purchase our products.

Hygglo is a service that allows individuals to share items, either by renting out their own or renting items from someone else.

Swinga is an app where you can borrow others'' items or lend your own. Swinga is currently available in selected residential areas as the app develops but launches where there is significant interest.


Selling when you no longer need your product is a great way to ensure your product can be used for as long as possible. By giving new life to existing goods, you reduce the need to produce new ones, save resources, and reduce waste. Additionally, you can find quality products at lower prices, giving you more value for your money. Buy used and contribute to a more sustainable and economically smart lifestyle. You can find used products on platforms like Blocket, Tradera, and Marketplace.

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