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Wheelbarrow with plastic tray

In horse stables, on farms, in park management, or in other places where large volumes of lighter materials are transported, the Ekeby cart with a plastic tray is perfect. The plastic tray makes the cart lightweight, and it doesn''t rust. The cart''s wooden handles provide maximum stability and balance, ensuring an ergonomic driving position.

Easy to handle
Plastic wheelbarrows do not rust, so they require less maintenance than metal wheelbarrows. Wheelbarrows with plastic trays are also easy to clean because they do not absorb dirt and fluids like wood or metal. They are usually quieter compared to metal wheelbarrows, which can be an advantage when working in sensitive areas or near neighbors. Some of the carts have sturdy and comfortable wooden handles and a powder-coated frame to ensure stability and durability.

Handling large volumes
Plastic wheelbarrows are often lighter than wheelbarrows made of other materials, making them easier to maneuver and drive around. They are excellent for transporting larger volumes such as leaves and straw, which are not very heavy but take up a lot of space. This not only speeds up the work but also makes it easier.

One or two wheels?
A wheelbarrow with a plastic tray and two wheels is more stable than a single-wheel wheelbarrow, allowing it to handle heavier loads with less risk of tipping over or losing balance. With two wheels, the user doesn''t need to tilt the wheelbarrow with a plastic tray as much to maintain balance, reducing the strain on the back and arms. It promotes a more ergonomic working method that benefits both the user and the wheelbarrow with a plastic tray.

A single-wheel wheelbarrow is lighter and easier to maneuver, especially when turning or navigating tight spaces or rough terrain.

No more punctures
Is there anything more annoying than finding your tool with a flat tire just when you need it? Now you can avoid repairing punctures and searching for pumps or removing the tire to add air. Most models of wheelbarrows with plastic trays come with puncture-free wheels as standard or as an option. Puncture-free wheels provide worry-free use, and the wheels we use on our wheelbarrows with plastic trays are of high quality and very durable.

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