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For more than ten years, Hörby Bruk has been a collaborative partner with Teknikcollege. Teknikcollege is Sweden´s largest collaboration platform for competence supply in the industry. The goal is to achieve industrial growth through competent workforce thanks to quality-assured education.

Every semester, we host students for workplace learning (APL) from the Technology Program at Carl Engströmgymnasiet in Eslöv. We have also hosted students from the Industrial Technology Program at Jacobsskolan in Hässleholm. By actively offering internship positions, we contribute to a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the industry. We also establish direct contact with tomorrow´s employees.

There are more than 3,000 collaborative companies in Sweden. In 2021, we at Hörby Bruk were proud winners of the Teknikcollege award for Sweden´s best collaborative company. Winners of the Annual Collaboration Awards | Teknikcollege

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