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Wheelbarrow with metal tray

Ekeby wheelbarrows come with a robust construction and are incredibly strong and long-lasting work companions. The range includes everything from classic wheelbarrows to mortar wheelbarrows.

Why should I buy a wheelbarrow?
To transport materials and items easily. Wheelbarrows are excellent tools for transporting materials such as soil, gravel, sand, wood, or other garden waste. They are also useful for carrying tools or other items you need to move around the garden or worksite. By using a wheelbarrow instead of carrying materials by hand, you can save both time and energy that you can use to become more productive.

Ergonomically designed wheelbarrow
The wheelbarrow is ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on your body that can occur when carrying heavy objects. The classic wheelbarrow has a well-balanced and stable construction with wooden handles for a warm and comfortable grip.

When transporting heavy objects, it can cause damage to the ground or lawn. Wheelbarrows are designed to evenly distribute weight on the wheels, minimizing the risk of damage to the ground.

No more punctures
Is there anything more annoying than finding your tool with a flat tire just when you need it? Now you don''''t have to repair punctures, and you don''''t need to look for pumps or remove the tire to refill the air. Most models come with a puncture-proof wheel as standard or as an option. Puncture-proof wheels give you trouble-free use, and the wheels we use on our wheelbarrows are of high quality and very durable.

Durable steel trays
Our wheelbarrows have different thicknesses of steel to be used for various purposes. Regardless of which one you choose, it''''s a robust and durable tray that will withstand a lot of use. The wheelbarrow is also powder-coated to protect against the weather and increase its lifespan.

Swedish quality
Our steel-tray wheelbarrows are Swedish-made and manufactured in Hörby, just as they have been for 100 years. Our products last a long time, and we offer spare parts so they can be repaired and used for generations. We are very proud to continue the Swedish craftsmanship tradition into the future.

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