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Premium Line

The Premium Line represents the absolute best from our range, surpassing even the very best. This series offers the most sustainable option.

Wheelbarrow with bamboo handles
For our wheelbarrow with bamboo handles, we offer a full 10-year warranty!

Our wheelbarrow with bamboo handles is the ultimate choice for outdoor use, even in the most demanding environments. The unbeatable hardness of bamboo wood makes it resistant to fungus and mold, ensuring a lasting lifespan. Furthermore, the risk of cracking is minimized due to minimal movement in the bamboo handles.

Both the tray and the frame are powder-coated to withstand the impact of weather and wind, resulting in a long lifespan. With a perfect balance between durability and style, our wheelbarrow with bamboo handles is the ultimate choice for the conscious garden enthusiast or the dedicated builder.

Turn your work into a true delight with a wheelbarrow from our Premium Line. Invest and experience the very best in terms of sustainability and performance. With a 10-year warranty on the handles, you can be sure that this wheelbarrow is a wise and long-term investment for your outdoor projects.

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