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We at Hörby Bruk

Hörby Bruk''s ambition is to create a good workplace and contribute to positive and sustainable societal changes together with our stakeholders. We work to ensure a bright future for our own business, our employees, and the society we are a part of.

At Hörby Bruk, we rest confidently in our values and core principles. Everyone is welcome, and we cherish everyone''s equal rights and values.

Hörby Bruk plays a crucial role as an employer. We take a significant responsibility in building a robust and well-functioning organization where the health, safety, and job satisfaction of employees are prioritized. It is a fundamental right for all employees. We know that we become stronger and better together, and we are proud of our teamwork and workplace.

The management of Hörby Bruk has developed several policies outlining the guidelines for creating a good workplace and promoting a culture characterized by openness, care, and respect.

Our goals
  • Continual efforts to increase the presence of healthy employees. The target of 99% is to be achieved by 2026.

  • The goal is to increase the percentage of female employees in production to 20% by 2026.

  • Zero vision for work-related injuries.
  • The well-being of employees is crucial for a successful and sustainable work environment. When employees are well, they thrive at work, are more engaged, and productive. With this in mind, Hörby Bruk offers its employees various benefits such as wellness subsidies, massages, fruit baskets, health check-ups, etc. There is also an activity group that organizes off-hours gatherings for various activities such as frisbee golf, bowling, and tastings. This aligns with Agenda 2030, goal 3: Good Health and Well-being.

  • We have a safety committee dedicated to ensuring a secure work environment. We conduct safety rounds quarterly to carefully inspect aspects such as fire safety, ergonomic workstations, truck paths, and work lighting. All observations are documented, and immediate actions are taken to promote the safety of our employees.

  • Everyone undergoes training to make Hörby Bruk a safe and secure workplace. Our employees have completed training in areas such as CPR, firefighting, and environmental awareness to ensure our commitment to workplace safety.

  • We share important information with all employees through bulletin boards and information TVs, including key performance indicators (KPIs). Additionally, we organize information meetings at least twice a year where the company''''s results, future plans, and updates are presented to engage and involve all employees in their work.

  • Our robot welding group aims for continuous competence development by regularly participating in training in the field. Furthermore, we invest in professional development on the administrative side by participating in training and courses, such as those offered by the chamber of commerce.

  • We promote female applicants and aim for both the management group and the board to consist of 40% women. This aligns with Agenda 2030, goal 5: Gender Equality.

Our Core Values

Thinking about the customer first.
We call it Customer Focus.

  • Our customers are the foundation of our existence, and our actions are based on their needs. 
  • We strive to always be the customer''''s first choice, knowing that satisfied customers are the most important asset we have.

Being pleasant and helpful to your colleagues.
We call it Teamwork.

  • Effective teamwork is a prerequisite for a successful organization. 
  • We are all dependent on each other''''s efforts, so we are attentive, friendly, and respectful to one another.

Always do your best for the company.
We call it Commitment.

  • A significant personal commitment yields good results in the business, which is a prerequisite for continued growth. 
  • Different parts of the business strive to continually improve, going the extra mile to ensure everything is always of high quality.

Quality in everything you do.
We call it Quality Culture.

  • By always having an awareness of quality at every stage, from raw materials to the use of the finished product and delivery, we create products that generate more and new satisfied, quality-conscious customers. 
  • We are aware that Hörby Bruk is strongly associated with high quality, and we live up to that in every work moment.


Hörby Bruk''s management has developed a set of policies that describe the guidelines for creating a good workplace and promoting a culture characterized by openness, care, and respect. The policies that serve as guiding principles in daily operations include, for example:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Gender Equality Policy
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Privacy Policy

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