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Future Compass

Hörby Municipality´s Future Compass is a plan to ensure that all children in elementary school are given the opportunity to address issues related to studies and professions. For grades 4-6, industrial visits are part of the schedule. Hörby Bruk gladly welcomes students from the municipality´s middle school classes. Every school year, all fifth graders in Hörby Municipality are invited for a visit to Hörby Bruk. During these visits, we showcase our operations, explain how a company functions, and demonstrate the process of creating a product. The idea is to create an early interest in technology and industry among children that they can carry into the future.

A few times a year, we welcome internship (Prao) students from the municipality´s high school classes, who spend a week gaining insight into our operations. Students get a glimpse of the various aspects of the company, and as a company, we get a chance to showcase our operations, which can also promote our competence supply in the long run.

"Prao is a means to secure our future competence" (

Interview with Elin Bengtsson, Georgshill School, Hörby 9A

Why did you choose to have your internship at Hörby Bruk?

  • Getting to know the staff, which increases the chances of a summer job.
  • Gain insight into what it´s like to work in an office.
  • Experience the interaction between production and the office.

What do you want to work with in the future?

  • I have some thoughts about economics but not fully decided.

What is important in an internship place?

  • Feeling welcome, seen, and treated well.
  • Getting to try different things.
  • Being informed about the adult working life.
  • Feeling useful and not in the way.

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