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Sustainable Production

We take pride in manufacturing most of our range locally in Hörby, minimizing transportation and promoting locally produced quality. Our commitment to sustainability involves continuous improvements, including investments in lifting aids and automation to streamline our production processes. In recent years, we have invested significantly to maintain a modern production facility in Hörby. This investment includes a new automated basket press, a new powder coating facility, and a new warehouse.

We also conduct regular product reviews to fine-tune details that can make a significant difference in production, even if they may not always be noticeable to the customer. Additionally, we are constantly seeking new collaborations with local businesses to enhance our production processes.

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact also includes energy savings and reduced resource consumption, such as optimizing metal usage and more efficient handling of powder paint and corrugated cardboard.


We naturally sort our waste, and everything that can be recycled is separated. We sort into 27 different waste categories, including oil, metal, batteries, hard plastic, corrugated cardboard, and more.

By recycling heat from the compressor''''s engine and transferring it to our water pipe system, we contribute to heating the building. This efficient heat reuse reduces our dependence on district heating and helps us cut down on our energy costs.

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