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With a flair for craftsmanship

For professional and home use

Made in Sweden

Hörby Bruk and our Ekeby product line are well-known brands across the world. For many years, we have been the leading manufacturer of wheelbarrows in Sweden. We are also a leading producer of play equipment for private gardens. Over the years, many of our products have become classic products familiar to everyone. One reason for this is that we consistently combine Swedish craftsmanship traditions with modern technology in our production. The result is incomparable quality and ergonomics proven from one generation to the next for close to a century. We are proud of our heritage of Swedish craftsmanship and intend to further develop it in the future.

You can read more about Hörby Bruks 100 year history and news here!

Design and function

Design and function merged together. Just look at the Ekeby wheelbarrow where the smart design enables the user to lift only 15–20% of the loaded weight. Or the CanCan swing where child safety is top priority. Thanks to carefully selected materials, ingenious details and clever designs, our trolleys and trailers are solid, easy-rolling and user-friendly. Durable powder coating protects against wear, wind and weather. By choosing a Hörby Bruk product, you invest in equipment that will be useful for many years to come.

Expert staff

No company, including its products, can be ranked higher than the staff it employs. This is why we invest in development and training of employees including superior technologies. As a result, the company has gradually expanded both its administration and production facilities to a current space of 11,500 m2. To support our craftsmanship and achieve perfection, many production processes are completely automated and robot operated, while all technical development of future products takes place in 3D environments. Based on deep know-how, a sense for details and uncompromising perfection, our capable staff use leading-edge production technologies to produce unique products of the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.

Tested and approved

When Purchasing a Hörby Bruk product, you invest in safety and longlasting service. All our products are tested and carefully inspected to assure correct functionality and high safety. For utmost child safety and comfort, all our play equipment is both CE and TÜV certified. And to assure safety at all company levels, we have been ISO 9001 quality certified and are also certified compliant to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

About Hörby Bruk

Hörby Bruk is a Swedish company with long traditions yet leading-edge technological excellence. Currently in its 3rd generation, the company has been owned by the Bergengren family since 1950 and is part of the Futuritas Group. For several years, we have enjoyed a triple A rating, and one of our competitive advantages is that we keep stock for immediate delivery to our customers. Our motto is to keep things simple, yet with a high level of passion and customer support. We offer top quality and superior products with impressive customer satisfaction.

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Our history

1920 Workshop established in Ekeby outside of Helsingborg

1926 First wheelbarrow in steel produced

1936 The whole business is relocated to the existing premises in Hörby

1950 The Bergengren family purchases Hörby Bruk

1965 The play range of products is introduced

1987 The production is modernised by robots

1991 A new facility for powder enamelling is constructed

1997 Hörby Bruk acquires Fogelsta, the largest competitor in Sweden

2002 Hörby Bruk is quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001

2003 Manufacturing of components is started in China

2006 A new storehouse is constructed in Hörby

2011 Hörby Bruk is environmentally certified in accordance
with ISO 14001

2013 CSR project

2016 Agency of Structron

2017 Automatization of pressline


Business concept

Hörby Bruk develops, manufactures and markets user-adapted, high-quality products designed for transport, play and garden for both professional and private use. Our way of working is defined by simplicity, high customer service and reliability.

Business concept

Hörby Bruk develops, manufactures and markets user-adapted, high-quality products designed for transport, play and garden for both professional and private use. Our way of working is defined by simplicity, high customer service and reliability.

Quality policy

Version 5, 2017-10-15

Hörby Bruk stands for safe, reliable and long-term quality. 

To achieve this, our competent employees endeavour to continuously improve and further develop our business with the aim of delivering high-quality products in the best way possible.

As a result:

  • Our customers can trust that our products meet their expectations, that deliveries are accurate and arrive on time and that they receive good service.
  • We are committed and feel responsible for the work we hand over with the sound knowledge it has been correctly produced.
  • We constantly work on surpassing the requirements and expectations that our customers and other stakeholders place upon us. 
  • We develop products and manufacturing methods that satisfy safety and user needs and enable efficient manufacturing.
  • Our suppliers are selected with the aim of long-term, stable relationships, where the capabilities of suppliers are optimally utilised.
  • We continually improve our products and working methods.

Privacy Policy

You can read more about our privacy policy, which, among other things, manages personal information in accordance with the GDPR here; 

Privacy Policy

Invironmental policy

Version 5, 2017-10-15

Our activities give rise to a certain environmental impact in the form of, among others, consumption of natural resources, waste, use of chemicals and transport. To reduce our negative impact on the environment, we are actively working to improve the environmental performance in our various processes. We do this because we want to take responsibility for how our products affect the environment, whilst at the same time we want to offer our customers added value.

Because of this, we must:

  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation and other mandatory requirements placed upon us by, among others, our customers.
  • Continually explore alternative materials and production methods, which can reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Conserve resources and materials and limit the use of substances that involve ecological and health hazards. 
  • Work towards long-term quality to ensure a long service life for our products.
  • Increase the efficiency of the energy we use and use renewable energy sources as much as possible.
  • Prevent the risk of pollution and work towards continuous improvement in the environmental field. '
  • Increase the commitment and knowledge of both employees and management to ensure a high standard in our environmental work.

This must be achieved in a goal-oriented and cost-efficient manner.

Business concept
Hörby Bruk develops, manufactures and markets user-adapted, high-quality products designed for transport, play and garden for both professional and private use.

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