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Mortar barrows

Hörby Bruks mortar cart can withstand most things and is suitable for both home and professional use.

Well-thought-out construction
The construction of the mortar cart''''''''s tray is deep and narrow for increased maneuverability and has a one-piece pressed tray that is welded to the frame to achieve the best possible stability. A one-piece pressed tray prevents mortar, for example, from getting stuck on protruding bolt heads. The sturdy handles have knuckle guards, and the leg supports have wear plates to withstand additional wear that may occur.

What features do you need for your mortar cart?
Before deciding which model suits you best, you need to consider what and where you will use the mortar cart. Our carts have the same basic construction but different additional features.

Some have lifting loops to easily hoist it with a crane at the construction site, and some have foldable handles for easier handling in tight spaces. A tipping bar allows you to easily tip your mortar cart to facilitate your work.

Which wheels should I choose?
Is there anything more annoying than finding your tool with a flat tire just when you need it? Now you can stop repairing punctures and searching for pumps or removing the tire to add air. Most models come with puncture-free wheels as standard or as an optional choice. Puncture-free wheels provide carefree use, and the wheels we use on our carts are of high quality and very durable. But, of course, there are also traditional pneumatic wheels for those who prefer them.

Swedish quality
Our mortar carts with steel trays are made in Sweden and are manufactured in Hörby, just as they have been for 100 years. Our products last a long time, and we offer spare parts so they can be repaired and bring joy over generations. We are very proud to continue the Swedish craftsmanship tradition into the future.

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