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Play news 2021

More fun for the children!

In connection with our anniversary year, 2020, we introduced the new line of wheelbarrows called Natures Collection. With their beautiful colours they glid the garden. This year it is also possible to match with a CanCan swing and a baby seat in these colours.

Baby seat High is a stable baby seat, with an extra high back and ample space to get the baby''s feet through.
Baby seat High art. nr. 4032, 4033, 4034
CanCan art. nr: 4000, 4001, 4002

Another of our news is Nest swing Tepee(art. Nr 4062). A real nest swing with accompanying tent. Your child can have their very own secret hideaway. When you no longer feel like snuggling in your tent, it is easy to take it down. 

On the skateboard swing, the child stands up and swings sideways, but it is also possible to sit down and swing straight ahead. The skateboard swing moves in a completely different way to a regular swing. (Art. nr. 4154).


23 February 2021


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