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Hörby Bruk – Taking pride in responsibility, sustainable development and community involvement for 100 years

Hörby Bruk builds on its long standing history. We are a local enterprise operating in a global market with an aim to make a difference. For over 100 years, we have been producing reliable quality products as we instil manufacturing sustainability in every step of production. Our products are long-lasting and we keep spare parts available for potential repairs so everyone can enjoy Hörby Bruk products for many generations to come. We are aware that all our activities at Hörby Bruk have an impact on our environment, the climate and our local community. We know there is always room for improvement and thanks to considerable changes, we’ve taken a humble stance in contributing to a sustainable future. Our customers place a lot of trust in us, which we’ve earned by going far and beyond expectations. At every stage of production, we learn from both successes and failures that allow us to grow and continuously improve. We have high expectations of ourselves and our suppliers. Every decision is carefully considered in line with sustainable future – which we are all responsible for.

“Our locally sourced products offer high quality and a long lifespan. This is important to us at Hörby Bruk, our customers and our planet.” Göran Sjöberg, Managing Director

Products and value chain

Hörby Bruk places significant demands on all players in the value chain – and this is reciprocal. Together, we aim to work toward a sustainable future and make the right decisions that will benefit both humans and our environment. For more than 100 years, we have been developing products of high quality with a long lifespan thanks to a combination of Swedish craftmanship and modern technology. And we will continue on this path. We also keep spare parts available to make our products last for generations and bring joy to both young and old. At Hörby Bruk, we take pride in of our products – they are safe, durable and manufactured with care.

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From initial conception and craftsmanship up to the finished product

 Our manufacturing activities give rise to a certain environmental impact that includes the consumption of natural resources, waste production, use of chemicals and transport. We take responsibility for how our products affect the environment, and by reducing the negative impact throughout our production chain we actively strive to improve the environmental performance of our processes.

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